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A&M Jams & Jellies make everything you are serving taste better. We offer our jams and jellies in a wide variety of flavors and in large and small sizes.

A&M Apple Butter
Apple Butter is made with plump, ripened apples.  An A&M Marketplace favorite it is delicious with, biscuits, toast, crackers, or even by the spoonful. It's sure to be a family favorite!

Sizes: 9oz or 16oz

A&M Black Raspberry Jam
A&M Marketplace Black Raspberry Jam packs a delicious sweet taste. Black raspberries possess one of the richest flavors of all fruits, so it is no surprise that this flavor ranks at the top of everyone's list. Spoon it onto your toast or biscuit, or bread. 
Sizes: 9oz

A&M Blueberry Jam
A&M Blackberry Jam is a delicious combo of sweetness and tartness. One of the most  familiar flavors of jam, this can be used as a pie filling, a glaze for your meats, or as a topping on your toast, muffin or biscuit. 
Sizes: 9oz or 18oz

A&M Christmas Jam
Each bite  jam easily identifies the particular fruit used because it contains no artificial ingredients or preservatives. Close your eyes, take a bite and savor the taste of pure fruit.

Sizes: 9oz or 18oz

A&M Peach Jam
Taste the natural sweetness of peaches. This peach jam makes a wonderful spread for toast, bread, muffins and pancakes. You can even use it in baking for that fruity taste.
Sizes: 9oz or 16oz

A&M Raspberry Jalapeño Jelly
This homemade jam is sweet with a hint of spice and natural ingredients. Use as a glaze on chicken or pork, Makes a tasty appetizer when served over cream cheese with crackers.
Sizes: 18oz

A&M Strawberry Rhubarb Jam
Get that classic strawberry rhubarb jam taste in this delicious spread! Strawberry and rhubarb come together for the perfect balance of sweet and tart. Enjoy strawberry rhubarb jam spread over muffins, pancakes, toast, and other baked goods. It does wonders for baking, too!
Sizes: 9oz or 16oz

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