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Neta's Natural For Dandruff Scalp Oil is made with plant based ingredients and formulated to moisturize, condition, prevent flaking and helps calm and soothe the scalp.

Our oil will give you a healthy scalp while making your hair silky, shiny and strong.

Neta's Natural Hair for Dandruff Scalp Oil will condition and moisturizer the scalp.

Neta's Natural Oil is a highly therapeutic oil that is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B5 (Panthothenic acid), Vitamin D, E, minerals, protein, lecithin and fatty acids.

Neta's Natural Dandruff Scalp Oil is said to have healing and regenerating qualities.

Our Oil helps to recondition dry hair penetrating deeply to repair from outside in.

Our Oil can relieve dry scalp.

Our oil has healing properties and Vitamin E, and you've got the perfect remedy for dandruff scalp and hair.

Neta's Natural Products are made in Nashville. Neta's Natural Products also help young girls education by giving scholarships in East Africa.

  •  All of Neta's Natural products are free of chemicals, fragrance, alcohol, parabens, mineral oil, sulfate, petroleum, and pigment  

Made in Nashville TN USA

Size: 4oz


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